Welcome and Hello!

I am a photographer: an observer by nature and a maker by habit. Self portraiture and landscape work have been my focal points since the beginning. One and the same. I am of the earth. I am photographing myself either way. For me, what I do is a form of communication that is not limited by language. I have always been drawn to touch, dreams, & silence as a way of speaking. It’s another way of seeing and perspective is everything. Ever inspired by the delicate intricacies of natural light, phases of consciousness, and the moments that drip with an intimacy that smells like starlight, just before words are woke by lips.

I make work to recall moments. Like dreams, I am never certain they were real, and then I remember nothing is real too.

For more information on booking, collaborations, or cool projects you think I might be a good fit for hit the contact button and let's start a dialogue.